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I am a mother, a wife, a book editor, a Hoya, a redhead, a sister, a dog-lover, a bookworm, a first-born, an avid cook, a compulsive worrier, and a bit of a hypochondriac. And high up in the order of things on that list -- I am a photographer. Taking pictures -- it makes me smile, it's always on my mind, it satisfies my soul. In the pictures below you will find the wonderful people I have met and photographed, the beautiful animals who have patiently stood still to have their picture taken (or not!)…and a lot of stuff I love to eat! Please take a look at my pictures and visit my blog at the link above. Thanks for visiting…



Updated: Jul 27, 2014 7:50am PST


Updated: Sep 29, 2013 7:26am PST

Fruits and Veggies

Updated: Sep 07, 2013 8:48am PST

Nature Gallery

Updated: Jul 19, 2013 5:54am PST

Max and Jack

Updated: Nov 20, 2011 9:29am PST

Connor, November 2010

Updated: Nov 10, 2011 6:20pm PST

Cousins, Summer 2011

Updated: Nov 10, 2011 6:18pm PST

Connor Turns One

Updated: Nov 10, 2011 6:13pm PST

Bergen Catholic Senior Prom

Updated: Nov 10, 2011 6:11pm PST

My Favorite Hairdresser

Updated: Oct 29, 2011 8:36am PST

Angie and Mike's Wedding

Updated: Aug 12, 2011 6:10am PST

Angie and Mike

Updated: Jul 03, 2011 12:31pm PST

Liam Turns Two!

Updated: Jul 03, 2011 11:34am PST

Car Show 2011

Updated: Jun 12, 2011 12:49pm PST

Sara, NHRHS Prom

Updated: Jun 03, 2011 8:35pm PST

Sara, Senior Prom

Updated: Jun 02, 2011 5:33am PST

Don Bosco Senior Prom

Updated: May 30, 2011 8:58am PST


Updated: Mar 31, 2011 4:39pm PST


Updated: Mar 01, 2011 4:41pm PST

Grace and Jim, November 2010

Updated: Nov 27, 2010 1:17pm PST

Liam Visits the Pumpkin Patch

Updated: Oct 16, 2010 12:11pm PST


Updated: Sep 24, 2010 1:44pm PST


Updated: Aug 22, 2010 5:48am PST

Patty, Laura and Robin

Updated: Aug 21, 2010 1:11pm PST


Updated: Jul 19, 2010 7:15pm PST

Joanna and Mark

Updated: Jul 03, 2010 12:42pm PST

Car Show, June 2010

Updated: Jun 06, 2010 1:11pm PST

Liam, April 2010

Updated: Apr 29, 2010 5:40pm PST


Updated: Apr 28, 2010 4:34am PST

Aileen Mary

Updated: Apr 04, 2010 5:07pm PST

Maddie and Petey

Updated: Mar 22, 2010 5:47am PST

Lloyd/Walker Family

Updated: Feb 06, 2010 1:42pm PST


Updated: Dec 05, 2009 12:19pm PST

Greene Family

Updated: Nov 30, 2009 8:18am PST


Updated: Nov 14, 2009 12:54pm PST

Shinevar Kitties

Updated: Nov 08, 2009 3:26pm PST

Grand Central Market

Updated: Oct 27, 2009 6:21pm PST


Updated: Sep 26, 2009 1:56pm PST

Liam< August 2009

Updated: Aug 11, 2009 5:25pm PST


Updated: Jul 12, 2009 7:07am PST


Updated: Jul 11, 2009 6:38pm PST

Volpe Family

Updated: Jun 26, 2009 1:22pm PST

Emma Grace

Updated: Apr 12, 2009 5:05pm PST


Updated: Nov 17, 2008 5:04pm PST

Owen and Zoe

Updated: Nov 06, 2008 4:52pm PST

Michelle and Martin

Updated: Sep 16, 2008 3:53pm PST

Grace and Jim

Updated: Sep 10, 2008 6:17pm PST

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